Jesse MacLean ND, LMP, CCT, CST, CCE, CBI

Jesse MacLean has been engaged in the Holistic Healthcare field in both the Canada and U.S. since 1988.

Her licensing and clinical work includes Naturopathy, Botanical Sciences, Cupping Therapy, Biomagnetic Therapy, Detoxification, MediSpa applications, and various Massage modalities.

She also holds a degree in Music Sciences from UCD in Denver, and graduated from the Vancouver Film School with a major in 3D Animation and Computer Graphics.

She operates a private facility in Kent, WA for end of life patients and those with debilitating diseases.

Over the last decade, Jesse has traveled the world to learn everything attainable in Cupping Therapy.

Jesse also designs and produces her own line of Cupping equipment and magnetic applications with EarthSpa R&D and Hologiadyne Labs.

Jesse has been a higher education instructor since 1997 for the University of Washington, Shoreline & Edmonds Community Colleges and The Puget Sound Center for Technology, receiving her Washington State Educators Certification in 2000. She utilizes various accumulated skills to teach her workshops with creatively layered and comprehensive approaches for adult learners.

Besides her teaching responsibilities and Clinical Practice, Jess continues to engage in fieldwork and clinical research whenever possible in Biomagnetic Therapy applications, Cupping Therapy and Detoxification, gathering data for researchers, educators and international scientific and medical publications.

Jesse has worked with the comprehensive and medical insurance companies to ensure that Cupping Therapy was a covered modality for Massage Therapists.

She recently assisted the Saudi Arabia Minstry of Health construct their Cupping Regulations Guide in their efforts to lift the prohibition of Cupping Therapy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jesse MacLean founded the Vancouver, BC based Tidal Power Company- Clean Current Power Systems.