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Cupping Therapy is an incredibly effective and subtly powerful therapy.

In unskilled hands Cupping can cause pain and even damage the tissue, so receiving Cupping Therapy from a professional trained Cupping practitioner is absolutely paramount to ensure that the amazing benefit and outcomes that Cupping can provide is performed with the highest level of education, intuitive application, confidence and experience.

The Cupping Therapists trained by the International Cupping Therapy Association have completed the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous training available by Cupping professionals with decades of subjective and objective clinical experience.

The elements brought together in ICTA workshops are laser focused on the end user.

We educate medical professionals how the wide swath of people seeking help for injuries, pathologies and conditions can react and benefit from Cupping, but also how the practitioner can effectively assess the individual needs and employ a combination of 1) Cupping methods, 2) equipment, 3) depth, 4) duration and 5) treatment plan to reach their goals.

By ensuring that the medical practitioners we train are the most skilled and competent in Cupping therapy we are thus providing the highest quality in Cupping treatments to those patients and clients that need and will benefit from what Cupping Therapy can do.

To locate a Cupping Practitioner certified by the ICTA – please access our database to find a list of practitioners on your area that can provide you with safe, effective and high quality Cupping treatments with your long term health goals in mind.

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