Workshop Cancellation Refund Policy

Effective November 1, 2019 – Paypal no longer refunds the fees incurred when issuing refunds – the fee is 3.5% of the total charged.

> We have a 24 hour Buyers Remorse clause allowing for a 100% refund minus the above Paypal Fee.

> Up to 25 days before the workshop, we refund tuition 100% – less $50.00 administration fee and the Paypal Fee of 3.5%.

> Between 15 – 25 days before the workshop starts, 50% refunded – less $50.00 administration fee and the Paypal Fee of 3.5%.

Less than 15 days – no refunds.

>>> Cancellation and rebooking must be made in writing VIA EMAIL to

Special group rates are NONREFUNDABLE; the normal refund policy does not apply.

> ICTA reserves the right to cancel a workshop up to 2.5 weeks prior to the date.

> Do not purchase airline tickets until you have confirmation from us that your dates are being held. ICTA will not be responsible for airline ticket penalties, interruptions of travel, hotel expenses, lost or damaged property.

> ICTA will not be held responsible for untended or cancelled email addresses or non-functioning phone numbers to make proper contact with those registered.
Registrants must contact ICTA in the event they change their contact information.

You will receive emails from us:

1) Within 48 business hrs after registering – – You MUST respond with all required information within 3 days, or your tuition may be refunded and an administrative fee of $50.00 and the Paypal Fees of 3.5% will be charged!

2) Once the instructor chooses the venue location.

3) About 1 week before your dates, from your instructor.

>>> IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THESE EMAILS – then contact the office IMMEDIATELY and make sure we have the correct email address for you!

No solicitations will be allowed in or during the workshops.

No recordings, digital media, texting or phone calls allowed in workshops.

One warning will be given to anyone who violates these policies.

Student Transfer Policy

All students will be allowed 1 workshop transfer with no penalty as long as the workshop date is greater than 30 days away.

If a student wishes to transfer to another workshop at less than 30 days to the workshop date, but greater than 25 days from the workshop date, there will be a $50 transfer fee.

Transfers are not allowed when the workshop date is less than 25 days away and the student will be subject to the refund policy.

We understand emergencies can happen and waivers can be made on a case by case basis with documentation provided by the student to be reviewed by our Director of Education.

Documentation required may include receipts, physician note, airfare receipts, etc.

>>>Transfer requests must be made in writing VIA EMAIL to workshops@CuppingTherapy.ORG.


Private Workshops

We can provide private onsite training of our workshops. Minimum number of attendees is 10 people.

Here’s your opportunity to bring our workshops to your facility without requiring the travel and logistics necessary to attend one of our regularly schedule workshops.

The pricing model is based on up to 8 students for a fixed, base rate; which declines for 9-12 students and again for 13-22 students.

Please have a few options for specific dates as this will assist in coordinating schedules to see when one of our instructors is available.

Contact to arrange for a private onsite training consultation!


Referral Program

If you refer someone to our Contemporary Cupping Methods (CCM) workshop (and they register,  pay in full and attend) we will email you a $25.00 gift certificate for  the ICTA and EarthSpa R&D!

Simply send an email with the subject line GIFT CERTIFICATE to with your name and the name and email address of the person you are referring, BEFORE their scheduled workshop.
If they sign up and pay in full, after they complete the CCM workshop, we will email you your gift certificate.

We will not honor claims made of referrals post training, so make sure to contact us PRIOR to the workshop date your friend or colleague is taking! ~ ~ ~ ~

The certificate can be used as a credit towards equipment purchase or tuition for a workshop (the order must be placed by telephone at 425-999-2225 in order to calculate your discount).  All shipping and handling costs remain your responsibility (we still have to pay the post office!).   The gift certificate must be used by 1 year after it is issued (the date we receive the referral via email and the gift certificate number is assigned).


Location Information

In order to protect the privacy and safety of those who are registered, the ICTA will not disclose the exact locations to anyone not on the workshop rosters. ICTA’s objective is not for secrecy, but for the privacy and security of those attending.

Our Educators contract their venues about 3 – 4 weeks in advance of the workshop based on how many practitioners are on their roster. Because our workshops are practitioner-exchange based and require a massage and equipment table setup for every 2 students, so they need to contract for an appropriately sized space.

As soon as the instructor contracts with the venue they will let everyone on their roster know as well via email so students can make their logistical arrangements.

Additionally, our instructors are usually coming in from out of town, so they are equally sensitive to placing the workshop in a location that is as convenient as possible.

Usually our workshops are held at hotels who have a large meeting rooms with bathroom facilities nearby. Occasionally we hold them at training institutes – but this is usually a situation when the institute is hosting our training. If they do choose a hotel – they always try to get a good group room rate and will let the students know about that as well.