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Dominador Perido
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Harold Siebert
With the rich and lengthy global history and applications of Cupping, collaborative cooperation between qualified Cupping Educators and Practitioners is imperative to ensure that the most comprehensive Cupping education be made available for health practitioners, and to provide them with various types of equipment to meet their needs.

Olena Adams

Olena D. Adams (Melnikova) is licensed in Russia (Ukraine 1994) and Hawaii (1999).

In March 2005, Olena opened up her own clinic ~ Olena's Massage Center in Downtown Hilo, Hawaii. Working with her are several other highly-qualified professionals who specialize in deep tissue, hot stones, European, Shiatsu and acupressure.

Olena has a workshop, DVD and book she has written which includes Theory & Practice of Russian Clinical Massage Techniques, Honey massage, Cupping massage and the fundamentals of Dermatomes...

Olenas website...

Ilkay Chirali

Ilkay Zihni Chirali has been Cupping since a very early age. He was qualified as a TCM practitioner in 1985 in Melbourne, Australia where he opened his first clinic. He later returned to England in 1987 where he set up his own clinic in South East London and is still practicing.

Ilkay has presented numerous papers on Cupping Therapy at five International Seminars, has conducted 40+ Cupping workshops, 50+ lectures as well appearing as an ‘expert’ on BBC TV and radio programs..

He is also the author of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Cupping Therapy - volumes I, II & III.

Ilkay's Facebook Page

Kimberly Rose Miller

Kim Miller RMT, CA, CCT, CCE

Kim is the owner of Tranquil Therapeutics Center in Whitby, east of Toronto, Ontario.

Kim is passionate about seeking new and effective ways to create positive change in the body, and believes in the importance of working with the whole self: mind, body and spirit. Her range of skills, combined with her intuitive insight and ability to listen to her clients and their bodies, results in an individualized treatment plan designed to support each client’s personal health and lifestyle goals.

Kim has over  15 years of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Acupuncturist, with additional qualifications in Cupping , Labour Support, Reiki, Chakra healing, Hypnotherapy, Chinese head massage, Pre/post pregnancy massage, Child/infant massage, and Sports massage.

For more than 25 years, Kim has provided education to others in many forms. Kim is a Certified Dance Instructor and has also directed productions for local talent and charities. In the field of Health and Wellness, Kim has presented numerous workshops and lectures at the college and post-secondary levels.

Kim's workshop schedule

Irina Litwicka

Irina Litwicka is the founder of Cuppingmassage in Sweden and is our Northern European connection for quality modern Cupping Equipment and Education.

Irina has been teaching Cupping for many years and sponsors vocational training at spas in Poland and Hungary as well.

She has lots of Cupping Equipment, a terrific DVD, lots of excellent charts and other cool tools for Therapists.

Dominador Perido MD, CCE, CCT

We are proud to introduce a gentleman who has been on the ICTA steering commitee since 2008 and Medical Consultant to the team and ICTA Association Members, but who's practice has kept him too busy to be active on our Education Team - Dr Dominador Perido.

Dom is a Board certified general surgeon who practiced in the southwest corner of Kansas for over 40 years.

He had his surgical residency in Staten Island New York from 1971 to 1975 and moved to Elkhart, Kansas immediately after residency.

The town expected him to have a general practice, not just general surgery so he went to Massachusetts University General in Boston and had refresher in OBGYN internal medicine pediatrics geriatrics and orthopedics in 2005 he took the core and Advanced Cupping workshops under Jesse MacLean and in 2010 the Eastern/Western Cupping With Bruce Bentley.

After seeing the failures in surgery and orthopedics, Dom discovered the overwhelming benefits of Cupping and Acupuncture, so in 2005 he asked his son Mark to join his extremely busy practice.
Mark managed all of the practices' musculoskeletal disorders and neurological problems.

In spite of having a very busy practice he is still able to enjoy lots of hobbies like singing, playing guitar, gardening and scuba diving. He's biked across Kansas numerous times over the last 29 years and has run dozens of marathons from 1993 to 2015 including the Boston Marathon 12 times and during the infamous bombing.

Dom's workshop schedule

Kristin Burns

Kristin Secord LMP, CCT, CCE

After attending and graduating from Finger Lakes School of Massage (FLSM) in 2013, Kristin knew she found her life-passion.

She has been practicing massage in Central New York since, guiding clients to a greater understanding and awareness of their muscular structure and body as a whole. Cupping therapy has taken her Massage Practice to a whole new level and she is eager to share this modality with any-and-all qualified to learn and practice.

Kristin has a BA in Environmental Science and still works occasionally in the consulting field, collecting water samples for various reasons. She has a strong passion for nature and birding, and volunteers at a local nature center frequently with her husband, Nate. Kristin and her husband also own a lighting company – Green Team Lighting, LLC

Kristin is continuously striving to better herself through education and experience, most recently is that of a Certified Cupping Therapy Educator.

Kristin's workshop schedule

Mark Perido

Mark Perido MSOM, MHCL, CCT, CCE

Mark is an Oriental Medicine Practitioner at the Evergreen Wellness Center in Wichita, KS and, he has been an instructor at the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine (KCCM) since 2003.

Mark received his Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from KCCM and his Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Boston University.  He also holds a Masters in Health Care Leadership (MHCL) from Friends University (Wichita, KS) and Certification in Surgical Technology from Seward County (KS) Community College.  At Wichita State University, he was a former graduate assistant rowing coach for the novice men and women’s crew and was a graduate teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology and microbiology classes.  He is a member of the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA) and has completed over 20 marathons.

Mark sits on the steering committee of the International Cupping Therapy Association.

Mark's workshop schedule

Sonia Morton

Sonia Morton LMT, CCT, CCE

It was love at first sight. When Sonia Morton found Cupping she had been searching for a way to become a more effective therapist. She knew there had to be a better way to heal while preserving her own body and found Cupping Therapy to be the answer. 

After years of owning a successful wellness center in Seattle, she sold her Cupping Practice to move to Austin, TX where she owns Austin Cupping Company, a new breed of Massage and Cupping that harmoniously blends deep therapeutic work with the suction of the cups.

Sonia graduated Valedictorian from Seattle Massage school where she worked as an executive before finding her passion. She also has a BA of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Business from Western Washington University.

As a veteran Massage Therapist and Cupping Specialist her focus is in Injury Treatment, Sports and Orthopedic Conditions. Sonia's passion for the art of Cupping shows in her hand-on teaching approach and style.

Sonia is a Texas Approved Continuing Education Provider #CE1565.

Sonia's workshop schedule

Jess MacLean

Michelle Bodenheimer LMP, CCT

Michelle is an Idaho and Nevada State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Cupping Practitioner via the ICTA. She also does Facial Cupping, Hot Stones and numerous Massage Modalities.

She's a truly an intuitive and talented healer who literally was such a powerful force in her small town of Ely Nevada, after relocating a couple years ago to be nearer to her grand kids, that she became inundated with the entire community at the doorstep of her Bohdi Massage Clinic.

She is also the lead administrator for the ICTA - handling most of the admin duties for the education team and our thousands of Association Members.
She's the ICTAs' go-to person and redirects requests or particulars to the correct person when required.

Michelle also find time to enjoy her horses, dogs, motorcycle riding and even finds time for the coolest craft projects and volunteers in her community during elections, Halloween Houses for the kids and is generally a community mover.

Jess MacLean

Jesse MacLean ND, CST, MCI, CCT, LMP, CBI, CCE

Jesse manages EarthSpa R&D, Cupping equipment design, production and research and is the current sitting Director of Education for the ICTA.

She advocates and educates Insurance Companies, Legislative Groups and Medical Professionals in the equipment, applications and benefits of Cupping Therapy. These ongoing efforts have led to a growing widespread validation, acceptance and insurance coverage for Cupping Professionals nationwide.

Jesse works to bring together Cupping Professionals from all over the world in support of equipment advancements, research and protocol development and the integration of Cupping Therapy into the mainstream healthcare industry, and sits on the steering committee of the International Cupping Therapy Association.

Jesse's workshop schedule

Harold Siebert Sensei

Harold is the Dean of Studies of the Zen Shiatsu School in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Harold is trained in Shiatsu, Anma, Acupuncture and Facial Cupping. He has been in practice for two decades and has been teaching since 1993.

Siebert Sensei brings to his classes a true passion and richness of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine...

Email Harold

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