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Clear Baguanfa ® Cups

ON BACKORDER The Clear Baguanfa TM Cups are 100% Medical Grade silicone. These are transparent so you can see what is happening inside the cups. An excellent choice for Dynamic Cupping, Aquatic Cupping, PediCupping, Massage Cupping, Stationary Cupping, ThaiCupping, and Sports Cupping. Cup Dimension

EarthSpa FireCups®

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - SETS BEING BLOWN... Hand blown. These cups are thick-walled borosilicate for weight and durability and designed with a wider, smooth lip for optimal comfort and a longer neck. for much easier handling. Measurements at the inside opening:
  • Exra Large - 2-1/8"
  • Large - 1-3/4"
  • Medium - 1-1/2"
  • Small - 1-1/4"

EarthSpa Lavendar Bulb®

The strongest of our bulbs. specially made for the EarthSpa Bells can upgrade the Belletazze and should fit most other brands of the glass cups if the mouth opening of the bulb is 5/16" or .79375cm.

Facial Cupping Manual and Chart (Belletazze not included)

The "Kit" includes Manual and Laminated Chart. The Belletazze is the only Facial Cupping Set that is handblown with borosilicate glass and a medical grade silicone bulbs and the only Facial Cupping Set with the Oval Cup for lines, lips, and detail work. Measurements at the openings:
  • Large – 1”
  • Medium - .75”
  • Small - .45”
  • Oval tool – 1” x .75” (approx)
  * The Kit includes:
  • Laminated Chart
  • Manual with protocols, technique tips, facial recipes and more

The EarthSpa Bells Collection®

The Belletazze Facial Cups, EarthSpa Bells and 2 Piece Oval Tools – our entire collection of aspirator handblown borosilicate cupping sets